Work with Vee

Are you a busy mum and find it hard to look after you? Do you need encouraging and support so that you can feel like yourself again? And are you ready to feel empowered  to take control of your health & wellness? Well you are in the right place!

As mums we are so focussed on looking after our children and making sure that they eat right, have fun, provide a nurturing & loving environment and get the most out of life… however we often forget about YOU! So where do you start… there is so much information out there which can be confusing and overwhelming not to mention all the different diets. As a lifestyle, food & wellness coach, I am here to guide you through your journey on taking the next step and helping you feel empowered to taking control of YOUR health & wellness.

My passion is to help and support YOU, as I understand that as a busy mum, life becomes so hectic,and caring for ourselves sits at the bottom of the priority list. So as your Coach I want to assist you in creating your own personalised wellness plan so that you take care of YOU…… I will work around your schedule and family set up as I educate, encourage and support you through making positive changes and better choices so that you live the happy and healthy life YOU deserve….

So, what to expect……