DIY Beauty Products

I love making my own beauty products as I know what I am putting on my skin, make great gifts, lots of fun to make plus they are all natural. Here are some of my recipes that I have tried and tested and I am sure that you are going to love making them as well.

Body Sugar Scrub

Bath Bombs

If you are new to making your own beauty products and not sure what to do or where to source your ingredients here are where I source my products in Australia.

Essential Oils – Just remember when buying essential oils you don’t want to buy any synthetic products you want to ensure the ones that you are putting on your skin have been tested and certified, that is why I love using Doterra.
Almond Oil 
Citric Acid

Basic Ingredients such as sugar, oranges – I generally by them from Aldi or Woolworths it depends whats on special and how much stock you need.

If you make any my recipes make sure to post them to my fb page or insta#wholesomevee, I would love to see your work!