How I kicked my coffee addiction!


So this week I decided to go on a detox – I found that I was drinking 4 cups of coffee thinking it would help me keep up with my active kids and sleepless nights – instead my face was breaking out and I was irritable and anxious at times, strangely though I didn’t have trouble going to sleep I think I was simply exhausted. So I have been following parts of the Food Matters – 3 day detox! LOVE THIS WEBSITE + COMMUNITY

The first day I completed I cut out coffee/sugar and only ate greens… By the night time I felt sick and had the shakes SCARY but I knew my body needed to rid the sugar and coffee … By day 2 I added some protein (chicken + egg) to my salads as I am an active mum and work in a kitchen my body just needed some energy to keep my body going!

Now that I have reached day 3 and I have been thinking of what to do going forward! The upside I am feeling great and I feel that I have more energy and the cloud over my head has gone – feeling empowered that I was able to take control of my health + wellness. The headaches have gone from not having sugar and coffee – I used peppermint essential oil a lot as a natural way to help with the headaches!

Day 3 has arrived and I decided to add oats to my breakfast as I just need the energy to keep up with my boys today plus we are heading out for a big walk and play at the park and my body just needs that extra source of energy! I will add a weak tea into my diet today but definitely going forward I will be sticking to no more than 2 cups of coffee a day!

This is what I have learnt out of doing this detox –  I have really enjoyed doing the detox even though it is was so hard and your mind really takes control over your body… But as a busy active mum I just had to think of my kids and cut it short by a 1.5 days  and add some protein & oats into my diet. I will continue with the green salad, juice and the dinner but I just need that extra energy…. I have really missed my coffee so I have a small weak coffee this morning but that will be it for today!

Goals going forward
1. Add a green smoothie to my diet every day either for morning tea or afternoon – Food matters Super detox green juice drink is great and easy to make
2. For the next month – 1 coffee a day – in the morning with breakfast
3. For the next month – no processed sugar – I am really want to see what the hype is about cutting sugar out your diet and to see how I feel – of course i will still have fruit and natural sugars so keep your eye out for some recipes I come up with.
4. For a afternoon pick me up – I will replace that coffee for either a green juice or a energy ball made with dates, nuts + seeds, cocoa powder + peppermint essential oil

So to sum it up sometimes your body just need a rest from your every day diet to kick start it and to realise that you can survive without certain things…. I still believe that coffee is good for you but in MODERATION as is sugar! Food matters 3 day detox is amazing and is very detailed however as a busy mum I just had to make some alterations to ensure that I had the energy to keep up with my everyday life… Everyone is different so if you are ever going to do something like this make sure to check in with your doc if you have any health concerns and do what is best for YOUR BODY….p.s. I am not a doctor, I am wellness coach and I simply wanted to share my experience with you and hopefully empower you to take control of your health + wellness!

If you have ever gone through something similar to this I would love to hear about your journey  or you need help breaking a addiction whether it is smoking or food related I would love to assist you on your journey – make sure to email me at