Health Coaching Programs & Rates

Welcome to the start of YOUR journey!

I am so excited that you have taken the first step as you embark on making a change to your own health & wellness. I understand that everyone is different and that health & wellness can mean something different to each and every one of you, however I truly believe that everyone can benefit from learning the basics! And I have always said “Healthy can be Simple” as long you have the right tools and guidance to support and motivate you along the way!

As a mum to 3 kids, I understand that life can be busy, hectic and most of the time you are sleep deprived or eating on the run. But now is the time to put you on the top of the priority list whether we are talking about your personal weight loss and wellness or learning to nourish your family with wholesome food.

As your health coach, we focus on a simple and healthy approach (non diet) that will work towards reaching your goals and allow you to realistically maintain them for life…. no quick fixes here they don’t work. My mission is to support and empower you to make healthier choices, teach to you cook, eat less processed food, have a balanced diet full of variety and colour and to reduce the toxins in your home.

Working together we would explore what you want, why you want it, what’s stopping you and together we would create a plan for action.

Everyone has different needs, schedules, a household to run or constantly be swamped with everyday life… So I have developed a variety of personalised health & wellness plans to suit your needs, your life and your dreams!

Let me help YOU! I am a Shire based Lifestyle, Food & Wellness Coach and work primarily via Skype or phone once all your little vikings are snuggled up in bed!

I can guide and support you with:

+ emotional eating issues
+ overcoming unwanted dietary habits
+ healthy eating plans/ recipes/ shopping lists
+ in-house food audits for your fridge/ pantry/ workspace
+ help navigate your way around the supermarket to shop smart, eat healthy and save time and money – in person or virtually
+ non- diet approaches to ensure sustainable weight loss
+ Cut chemicals from your body, skin and home by using natures gifts
+ Mummy me time – lets explore options on how you can have more time for yourself and energy
+ Get back to basics in your kitchen and learn to cook from scratch – this is what i do best
+ Educate you on the key parts of nutrition, superfoods and how to get more veg in your diet


3 month program

Ready to make a change and looking for support as I guide you to creating goals and a vision so that you can feel your ultimate best!

Our personal wellness sessions will provide you with the education, tools and motivation you need to reach your goals and  with my coaching I will be here to listen, support and encourage you to be accountable for your actions and help you succeed.

By the third month you will feel like a new mum! More energy, confident healthy shopper and committed to maintaining your new healthy habits! Busy mums that have more goals they want to reach or bigger habits to change, may want to opt for continued support after the initial 3 months.

The 3 month “Wholesome Mummy to Be” program includes:

 1.5hr  intial discovery session – what we should be focusing on
Personalised Health & Wellness Assessment
11 x 45min 1:1 coaching session – either in person or via skype
24/7 Email support
Healthy Meal plans for you and your family
Healthy can be Simple – Navigate your way around the grocery store session
Plus lots of tools & education sent directly to your inbox each week

The cost for this 3 month program is $750 for 3 months or $65 per week

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Personalised weekly meal plan
$25 for 1 week
$75 for 1 month

Healthy Grocery Supermarket Tour (1.5hrs)
Individual $40
Group (min 4 people) – $30

Pantry Makeover (1.5hrs)
In your home – $40
Virtually – $30

Get back to basics – Learn to cook from scratch
$49 person – up to 6 per group
Includes: Takes homes for you and your family


6 week program


What is your WHY for 2017?

Think of this as your virtual playgroup but with no kids… 10 gorgeous mummies come together as they encourage and support each other as you embark on your journey to make a change to your current lifestyle choices and to better your health and wellness!

As a busy mum I understand that life becomes chaotic at times and looking after your kids becomes your first priority! So how is this program going to benefit you; Firstly, you will be say goodbye to diets and never look at another one again, then I will educate you on “Healthy can simple” which will include the facts, tips and recipes to get you started, then we will work together as a group to support each other as we explore your goals for 2017 and create visions so that you can say HELLO to the happy, healthy and more energetic mum!

What to expect:

Welcome gift pack from Wholesome Vee
Initial 1:1 30 min discovery consultation before the program starts
4 x 60 min weekly group skype calls
Private facebook group –  let’s support each other through this journey
Weekly topics sent straight to your inbox
24/7 email support
Access to Wholesome Vee’s Plan to Eat Recipes

If you are interested in being part of this Mums Club program, register your details at Further information will be released in December and early bird bookings will take place from 1st December with a 10% discount!