Ever ask yourself, how can I make chicken taste better?

Tasty dinners don’t need to be complex or boring simply head to your spice cabinet and come up with your favourite spice combos. Not sure about you but in our house we go through months where we are loving a certain cuisine and then we get over it and move on but then come back to it later on in the year. Do you do that too?

Or are you the google queen and spend hours googling for a scrumptious chicken recipe to even get more confused, then you decide you will have the same recipe as last week as it’s too hard to come up with something new. Yeah, I know that’s you. I do it, too.  These flavoursome chicken thighs are tender, juicy and the kids will love them too. 

On those nights when you have a million things to do or you are planning your lunches for the week these come in handy as they are packed with flavour and can pair up with a salad, steamed veggies or make your own poke bowl with brown rice. And hopefully you have these simple staples in your kitchen cupboard.

Stuck on a flavours, just experiment and give it a go! I always say head to your spices or essential oils and then choose your cuisine to come up with flavours, in this case Asian infusion especially with the GINGER ESSENTIAL OIL!

Continue to the recipe

Comment below let me know your favourite chicken recipe!

Ever ask yourself, how can I make chicken taste better?

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