For the busy entrepreneurial mum

Get cosy, grab your morning coffee/tea it’s time to share…..

Ambitious, career focussed but wanting to spend as much time with your kids as you can without feeling the guilt, mums can you relate?   

Sienna our wild spirit is turning 10 next month, wow! Can’t believe our creative, family organiser/kid organiser, courageous and outgoing daughter is hitting 2 digits not to mention that the hubby and I have been parents for 10 years. Thinking back it has been 10 years of joy, love, adventure and a lot of learning and patience along the way.44315842_172684180304033_4193860226799108096_n

The funny thing is, it’s also how long I have been an entrepreneur for, from online baby shop to everything in between and now sitting confident, passionate and belonging as I continue my journey as a Health, Wellness & Essential Oil Coach & Cottage Manager (will share that dream another time), I think back to each business I have started, thought of, tried to create and failed at ~ wow what a journey I have had.  If you know me well you know that I am not one to twiddle my thumbs I am always coming up with new ideas, ready to start a new venture and basically early riser and I am go go go…. Okay yes sometimes I also struggle with taking things slow and taking a deep breath but we can’t be perfect.

Over the last 10 years, not only have I dabbled in many businesses, jobs and at the same time finding myself, I have also struggled with not having that balance, feeling stressed, feeling anxious, down in the dumps and just not feeling myself at times.  At times I have felt like I have been the mum at home watching my very smart, intelligent and supportive husband succeed but I am the one that just want to leap out and go for it… I felt like I was at the sprint line ready to go but wasn’t going forward. And the truth is this has been a struggle for me as I was the kid that dreamt of owning my own hotel one day. I can recall a few times where I have felt anger, jealousy and resentment  towards my husband, yet he has been the one that has been there for me from day 1 and has been nothing but supportive, amazing, great listener and just wants me to be happy and for that I will always be grateful for and I have learnt a great deal from.

Tip  1# I believe that if you really want something only YOU can make it happen, who agrees?

And guess what after 10 years – finally feel like I have exactly what I was looking for, a successful doterra business, balance, flexibility to be with my kids,  no resentment towards my husband instead I ask for his advice and make sure he knows any upcoming plans or events. One of the reasons why I started selling essential oils is the COMMUNITY that I was longing for after returning from Dubai from a 4 years expat stint and having to leave my close knit friendship group  but we have now created a beautiful community of over 1600 members that we get to share, support and educate with all those that are looking for natural solutions when it comes to empowering their health and wellness. And these people have now become friends and friendships that I cherish.

Tip 2 # Communication is key – with your family members and hubby on your plans, events anything coming up – if you want to work from home you have to remember that you in your home so communication and organisation is vital.

So, what is the secret to finding balance, you just need to be YOU! If you have a dream follow it, if your not earning enough money to make this dream happen yet, find a part time job and work on your dream job on the side I have done this for 3 years now trust me it works and causes a lot less stress financially. But this is just the little bits.

I believe the secret formula is looking after your health and wellness as you build a thriving business. If the simple steps are not in place then you can’t thrive, think probably and you will not move forward.

Making lifestyle changes is the key to living a more sustainable and healthier lifestyle! Eat right fresh wholesome food, exercise 100% I have never felt better and currently in a 8 week challenge training 5 times a week, using my essential oils daily and making sure I get enough sleep and not working in front of my computer to 12 a clock at time, I am not productive then and it then upsets my whole lifestyle – no one wants a grumpy mumma!

Tip #3  I believe balance is what you want balance to be, for me it is when I pick my kids up from school I am there for them  from 3pm to bedtime. Don’t get me wrong this doesn’t happen everyday as there are times I might have to jump on my computer to  get something out or speak with a guest or customer but that is what my intentions are.

I know that other mummas are feeling this right now! And I  just want you to know that I am thinking of you and can’t wait to share more tips on how I am finding balance and peace within myself ❤ Being a ME, a mum, wife and entrepreneur are what I love, live and cherish.

Now the kids have woken up time to grab my coffee and get tons of cuddles, it’s Saturday!

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