Doterra for Health & Wellness Coaches

Yesterday, I held a beautiful workshop on Essential Oils and incorporated all my knowledge on health and wellness into the workshop.. It then got me thinking this was the best of both worlds – sharing my passion of oils and at the same time sharing my knowledge on health & wellness and how excited I get when I am in front of others sharing all the information and connecting with real people…Everything is online now and have this opportunity to meet in person is definitely my thing.

So if you are health & wellness coach, whether you have been doing it for years or just starting out you have to read this and see if aligning with a product to support your business if your thing….

Are you a health & wellness coach? Are you passionate about supporting and encouraging others about their health & wellness and don’t know where to start (this was me about 2.5 years ago) then you are in the right place…. I am so excited to connect with you and hopefully inspire you to either become a health & wellness coach or to mentor you as you embark on your journey with experiencing doTERRA and incorporating it into your wellness business!

This is how I started…..

To empower women, especially mothers, to take control of their health & wellness through encouraging, supporting and educating them to embark on a journey they truly should deserve. And this means not comparing themselves to anybody else, feeling happy from deep within and to have a vision and why they want to feel amazing! Not to mention celebrating being a woman…

To support over 100 women in 2018 in Australia and the rest of the world to feel fabulous and to guide them as we work together to create goals and visions  on where they want to be in 2018…

To educate and teach women on how to get back to basics from cooking in the kitchen to reducing the toxins in your homes….

To share my knowledge and love of essential oils and how easy it is to incorporate them into your daily routine or business and how beneficial they are for your health & wellness.

I’m sure I am not the only one out there… Personally I have always struggled with finding my why in life! I love being a mum but at the same time I wanted to be proud of myself and what I have achieved (yes I have achieved a huge amount and I am very grateful for everything I have and have already achieved).. I have travelled the world, lived abroad (8yrs in total), met the man of my dreams, met so many amazing people that I can call friends for life, 3 kids later… and still I felt like there was something missing…It wasn’t until that I spoke to a friend who secretly coached me (she had a plan) that I realised I wanted to have it all including the career…. so I really thought about my passion FOOD, HEALTH, WELLNESS & HELPING OTHERS… I didn’t want to be a nutritionist instead I had this vision where I wanted to help women, especially mums, with their health & wellness and finding their WHY! So that is how it all began….

In 2014, I enrolled in an amazing course called “Lifestyle, Food & Wellness Coaching” through Cadence Health Australia. This course was exactly what i was looking for and I highly recommend for those who feel like this is the path for them. Leanne the founder, has been nothing but hands one, supportive during the whole period (including my time in Dubai). It was all online, easy to follow and the Wellness Coaching was incorporated into the program but ran by Wellness Coaching Australia.

Course is now completed… business plan is all typed up and and my vision was set… I have never been happier… I can still be around for my children, doing something that I love and my the career journey has began and it is only onwards and upwards from here.

So when I first started, and I am sure most health coaches can relate to this, I found it daunting and overwhelming and I didn’t know where to start…. I had the education, the passion and the vision but I really felt like something their was a gap in the service I provided.. and that is when doTERRA found me! So 2.5 years later… life back in Australia… the family I always wanted… the career I only dreamed of and I couldn’t be happier… Yes I am not going to lie it can be tough working from home and juggling a busy household but I wouldn’t have it any other way and I look forward to sharing my experiences with all of you amazing people so that you can also feel embark on this amazing journey!

For Health Coaches:

Like you, I am part of so many facebook groups/pages relating to health coaching… and I often get asked or read about other health coaches looking for ways to supplement their income whilst they build their health coaching business. And that is how I started with doTERRA….
About 2.5 years ago, I was looking for a natural product that I could incorporate into my health coaching business as well as support and provide an additional service to my clients that would benefit their health & wellness… and this is when I found and researched this amazing product called doTERRA… Since I have incorporated doTERRA into my business I have had nothing but positive feedback from my clients and also attracted a lot of new clients through all the workshops that I host around my community and in the comfort of their own homes.

Now that I have brought doTERRA into my personal life and love sharing it with my clients, one of my favourite things to do is to work with other health coaches (just like you!) to show you exactly how to incorporate dōTERRA into your health coaching business…

If this is something that would resonate with you and your business goals, I would  love the opportunity to chat with you further and to see if we could work together.

So what to do first??

  1. Head over to my personal doTERRA webpage
  2. Watch the videos – research the brand
  3. Connect with me and book a free biz mentor consult in and receive your own gift pack on “Essential oils for Health & Wellness Coaches”.  It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, I can still support you. Email me at
  4. Join our biz support facebook group – Wholesome Sisters

I look forward to connecting with you, hearing your journey and to see if this the right fit for you and your business!

New to the Health Coaching World:

Not a Health Coach yet but want to become one?

  1. Enrol in Health Coaching course – Cadence Health Australia
  2. Enrol in Wellness Coaching course – Wellness Coaching Australia.
  3. Ready to incorporate doTERRA into your biz – let’s chat –

If you just want more info on the doTERRA business, as you definitely don’t have to be a health coach, this business can be for anyone that is passionate about supporting, sharing and educating others about natural health! Let’s get connected so I can show you how to build your doTERRA business so that you can have the flexibility of working from home!

P.s. Yes doTERRA is a MLM business but I have never been part of such an amazing team of people that provide constant support, encouragement and guidance as I grow personally and in my business


Biz Info night for Health & Wellness Lovers
Tuesday 23rd January 2018 @ 8pm (EST)
Register your details with Vanessa at!

All webinars are hosted and recorded on zoom so if you can’t make it register your details and I can send the recording to you!

1:1 Biz Opportunities can be booked directly with me at!

Health + Wellness + Essential Oils

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