Creating your family bucket list

“Make each day your masterpiece” ~ John Wooden

What do you have install for 2018?

One thing that I have definitely learnt this year is you need to live in the present as much as you can. The past is memories whether good or bad, the future is unpredictable but is waiting for you! However, more importantly we need to make sure that we are living in the present as you never know what is waiting around the corner for you.

Not sure about you but many times I get caught up in my thoughts about maybe something that has happened or worrying about the future. Instead we should be in the present and doing what we can to make a difference in the world or simply just being a mum, wife, sister or friend.

I feel that this year has been a mix of emotions both happy and sad, sickness, angels being taken from us too early and it makes you really reflect back on the year that has past, be so grateful for what you have and think about what is important to you and your family.

As I sit back with a cup of coffee and reflect back on the year that has past. I start to think about what we can achieve as a whole family not just me in the coming year. At this time of year I usually start creating my vision board, to do list and things I would personally like to achieve with work and personal life.

However, this year we are mixing things up a bit and doing something different…

We are rolling out a SIMONSEN FAMILY BUCKET LIST!!!!

Things that we can do as a family, personally, helping others, adventure, entertainment – enjoying every minute of time we have together – having goals as a family and making sure everyone feel they have items on that list that they would like to achieve…

So if this is something that you would love to do as a family, here are some of the ideas that we have come up with so far;

> Family time – picnic, beach dates, bikes rides, movies, bowling
> Family vacation – Sienna has asked to see real snow — not sure if the budget will allow it but at least we can plan and see if we can make her dream come true.
> Helping the community – feeding a family in need, help out where we can, donating Christmas gifts, donating old clothes
> Donating to a charity that resonates with our family
> Mum & Dad time – 6 x a year – this doesn’t include any weddings or work commitments ONLY 1:1 time – those with kids know how hard it can be to get out on a date night. We can each pick 3 things we would like to do together. For example I would love to go on a hike to see the figure 8 pools in the national park so this is on our list.
> Work achievements – what would you like to achieve this year!
> House renovations – We are actually going to start creating a separate list for this but we know we can’t do everything but we have a goal and vision on where we would like to be
> Sport achievements – Sutherland to surf, Sienna asked me to do a colour dash together
> Kids – Finish the school year and giving it all their best, learning to read for the 5yr old, stop wearing night nappies for the 3 yr old (he doesn’t really understand but I want to make sure that there are things on this list for him) – read a 10 books this year whatever it is they feel like they would like to achieve
> 1:1 Along time with each parent – each child gets to choose an activity that they would like to do with each parent – love this as life does get so busy and with 3 kids it can make it hard sometimes to spend quality time together so bring it on!
> There are also some random ones that the kids put in LOVE it – see a puppet show, Storm wants to go to a playcentre with just Lachlan, sienna would like a dedicated art & craft day

As you can see in the picture we started doing this last week when I took the kids out for lunch and on New Years Day we will finish it off as a family.

If creating a family bucket list resonates with you and your family.. do it, create it and stick to it! Then at the end of the year you can look back and see what you achieved as a family.

Tonight as we farewell 2017, take some time to think all the people in your lives that you cherish and are so grateful for having. Send your energy to all the people out there that are struggling or hurting at the moment and if you know someone that is reach out to them and offer your support. Maybe help them set some goals up for next year even if it is just one – coffee date with you!

As we ring in 2018 we wish you a Happy New Year! We would like to thank everyone that we have met, spent time with or have just been part of our lives this year and we are so excited for the year ahead, especially the things we can create, do, achieve and help others for the coming year!

Health + Wellness + Love – It’s time to make a difference

Bug love
Vanessa x

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