Meal Planning made easy – Week 1

Meal planning can sometimes be a little overwhelming and if you are not organised it either costs you a lot a of money and often won’t work out. Over the coming weeks I thought I would share what we having so that you will feel inspired to try new foods and hopefully give you some new recipes to add to your family favourites.

Here are some quick tips that might help you with planning meals for your family:

  1. Shop online – new favourite thing to do, it means that I am staying in budget – I can swap and change foods when needed and maybe opt for a cheaper meal instead.
  2. Get your diary out – before you even start your meal plan you need to check what you have on during the week as you will not be able to prepare a 1 hour meal if you have sports all afternoon. Be smart and savvy when it comes to your meals
  3. Get inspired: Follow a few of your favourite celebrity chefs on facebook and save your recipes. How to do this – click the 3 dots on the top of the posts and click save post that way you can come back to it at a later date
  4. Ask the kids: I always ask the kids what they would like to eat during the week that way they are also getting something that they like and they feel excited that they have contributed and can’t wait for there meal night…. maybe they can start to cook for you as well lol
  5. Thursday night cook for Friday: Not sure about you but I hate cooking on Friday nights and when I can afford it I will grab takeaway however I am never impressed and often disappointed. So I usually cook a meal that we can re-heat up on a Friday night.. so much more relaxing and you can also feel like you are having a night off.

Week 1 – Simonsen’s Meal Plan

Sunday:    Beef Ravioli with homemade red sauce & salad
Monday:   Crispy Pork Stir fry with baby broccoli
Tuesday:  Fish &  Homemade Chips with Halloumi Salad
Wednesday: Pesto, tomato & bocconcini Pasta
Thursday: Lamb shoulder (pressure cooked) with baked vegies
Friday: Lamb & salad wraps (used leftover lamb)
Saturday: Night off – If you are at home use whatever is left in the fridge and make a little antipasto board

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