Calm mind & Supporting your moods!

Feel like getting raw today – kids are causing chaos in the house, grabbed a cup of tea and hiding in my office!

I feel like sharing how much these 4 precious oils have served me over the last 2.5yrs….

If you are mamma – expat- repatriate you will be nodding your head and I am sure that at times your mind is going crazy and you are feeling so anxious your tummy hurts..

So about 2.5 years ago – we headed home after our 4 year stint in Dubai amazing times – life all of sudden hit me in the face and my mind was going crazy with worry, feeling anxious, missing friends and life back in Dubai and constantly thinking about everything – you can only imagine how crazy my mind was going..

I was exhausted and struggling with everything! It wasn’t until I caught up with an old friend who introduced me to essential oils that I started researching and thought that there has to be something that can naturally support me – Personally, I didn’t want to rely on medication to calm my anxiety and blues, I was looking for a more natural approach..

These 4 oils till this day have supported me tremendously and I am on a mission to share them with every mamma, expat or repatriate that are feeling the same or think that they oils could also support YOU!


Here is how I best like to use them:

Balance – Grounding and eases those anxious feeling by adding 2 drops to my hand and take 3 deep breaths – I would also add a few drops to the diffuser with citrus bliss when I feel like I feel exhausted and my mind is in overdrive – This is great for a 3pm pick me up and also for the boys.

Citrus Bliss – Energising/ refreshing – This is my handbag oil and happy place oil – when I smell this blend I feel at ease and in a good place! Monster juice roller ball blend – 3 drops citrus bliss + 2 drops balance

Serenity – Sleep time bliss – super calming, relaxing I love adding a couple drops to my pillow before I go to bed – Sienna’s favourite bed time – Foot massage (biggest pores of your body – add 2 drops balance + 2 drops serenity and apply to your feet.

Elevation – Diffuse often in the kitchen especially in the morning as I love uplifting the mood for the whole house combining with some music and we are all happy.

## Big thanks to this oil mamma who put together this pic as I couldn’t explain it any better.

If you feel anxious or down make sure to talk to someone as you more than likely the person next to you has been through it before!

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