Yoghurt – the question everyone asks

YOGHURT – the most asked question on my supermarket tours. When I take my clients around the supermarket they always want to know what yoghurt is best and which yoghurt has the least amount of sugar!!! My personal recommendation is to go for a Natural Greek Style yoghurt > full fat > with no added sugar,  instead add your own+  active & live cultures, you should be able to see list of cultures on the container!
If you and your family don’t like the tartness of the yoghurt here are my top 5 suggestions on making your yoghurt taste amazing with all natural ingredients!
1. Add a 1 to 2 drops of your favourite essential oil > the 4 that I use the most are grapefruit, wild orange, lemon or lime – natural flavour and no added sugar > just make sure that the oils you use are food grade 🙂  Interested in learning more about cooking with essential oils click here
2. Add lots of fresh fruit like kiwi fruit, berries, banana >my kids love it when i whip up a bag of frozen berries in the food processor then mix it through a pot of natural yoghurt + a tsp of vanilla bean > you can actually freeze them in little pots and make frozen yoghurt out of it or put back in the tub and then you have your own fresh batch of berry flavoured yoghurt
3. Add a tsp of St Dalfour strawberry jam – read the back of the ingredients panel there is no added sugar to this jam all natural fruit – this is great for babies instead of buying the sugary yoghurt and you can see exactly how much you are adding – 1/2 tsp should be plenty
4. Make it fun and add nuts, fruit, chia seeds, peanut butter what ever tickles your fancy get creative and make your own natural yoghurt kinda acai bowl – like in the pic above but instead you can blend berries and banana together and then decorate the top  with cocoa powder, coconut flakes, granola
5. Add your own natural sweeteners like honey or maple syrup (need to be pure not the artificial stuff)
Would love to hear some of your favourite recipes please comment below on how you like your yoghurt!

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