Back to School – Be Organised and Plan Ahead

Being organised in the kitchen is so important when our kids head back to school! I find if my kitchen, meal plans and supplies are not stocked for the week ahead than there is way to fail when getting meal on the table and lunch boxes out the door.

To help you get started with back to school lunch boxes here are my top tips:

    • Meal planning – every Sunday make a meal plan for the week that way you can add in your nights out, kids activities – if you want to be super organised try making a separate one for the kids lunchboxes if that helps – Click here for my meal plan I use
    • Smart cooking – when planning your meals try and make something that you could re-use in another meal – I also try and make 4 meals a week that I can either use to make another meal or simply have leftovers!
    • Shopping list – YOU NEED A shopping list – that way you know what you need to buy and avoid the snacks that you think you need (plus save money) – if you have a really busy schedule you can also try ordering online from your favourite local grocer or supermarket. I am a list kind of girl so I don’t like using my phone but if your phone is your daily checklist there are so many great app’s that you can download – Woolworths and Coles both have one as well.
    • Cook in bulk – this will save you time during the week, especially if you have a lot of activities on after school or working full time. Sunday is usually my food prep day where I bake a healthy cake/slice – cook some meatballs or bake a chicken for their sandwiches!
    • Food Prep – On Sundays you can cut up vegetable sticks for the first 3 days of the week and make a yummy fruit salad! Try and get as much done as possible. A friend of mine has all her lunches sorted for the week and stores them in her fridge so this might work for you as well.

Let’s get organised and make our life easier – Mums we are on a mission #mummymetime to have more time for mum so if this is something that you struggle with or need help improving on, I hope these tips are helpful. If you have helpful tips that you would like to share please comment below as I would love to hear how organised your kitchen and prep is.


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