My Kids top 5 Sandwich Fillings

Kids sandwich ideas are one of the most common questions I hear around the playground. Since my boys started at daycare it was a battle to get them to eat a sandwich, they were so used to eating a hot lunch that sandwiches were often sent home and not eaten!

About a month ago, I couldn’t stop laughing as the ladies from their daycare were requesting some of my recipes, which I have promised to share with them so I will get around to posting the recipes up here soon. There lunches usually consisted of Danish meatballs with rice, Spaghetti Bolognese packed with veg or fried rice –  to tell you the truth they got what we ate the night before 🙂 However, sometimes their weren’t leftovers and as my business grows I needed to try out some alternate lunch ideas.

So I thought I would share my kids top 5 sandwich fillings and to give you some inspiration to try new fillings with your kids:

The Nordic: Smoked Salmon, cream cheese, cucumber and avocado wrap

The Italian: Salami, Tomato & Cheese on wholemeal bread

The Mexican: Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, avocado, salsa and cream cheese wrap

The Lachlan: Tuna & Cheese sandwich on wholemeal bread with cucumber and a boiled egg on the side

The Danish Smørrebrød (open sandwich): Egg, Tomato & Cucumber on rye bread (rugbrød – Danish rye bread). If you have never heard of smørrebørd they are open sandwiches topped with delicious fillings ( my fav is danish meatballs & red cabbage).  Check out blonde catering in Sydney he is the master of smørrebrød making and if you fill like trying something new order one of his gourmet boxes book – they are delicious. When it comes to sourcing the rye bread,  I have still yet to mastered making my own sour dough starter so I either use the  Ikea rye bread kit – (tip: when baking, cover with a bread lid or foil that way it stays moist on the top and the crust doesn’t go hard) or you can use Burgen Rye bread, which you can buy from woolies or coles. Both these bread are packed full of fibre and delicious wholesomeness! 

Healthy eating tip: When choosing bread for your kids try to go for a high fibre bread like whole grain or wholemeal. As a mum, I understand that it can be a little hard when kids don’t like the texture, so look for the varieties with softened grains as this is easier for them to eat – try and stay clear of white bread as they don’t contain the fibre that we need in our daily food intake. There are so many choices now so here is a great guide to help you choose the best bread for you and your family!



My Kids top 5 Sandwich Fillings

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