Natural Living with Essential Oils

It has been quite some time since I lasted posted I seemed to have started so many exciting blog posts but I have never quiet finished them…. but one thing I really wanted to share with you is how my journey to natural living has been going … So where should I start…. First my daughter can probably tell you that I have been using essential oils in everything and at times she says to me “are you using essential oils again……” or “have you used essential oils in dinner tonight…” so as you can see I am slightly obsessed with them. 

Not only have I had fun experimenting  with them but I have also learnt so much on finding natural solutions for my daily routine … My mum keeps calling me Martha, as each day/week I come up with a new homemade cleaning product, my latest being the ‘toilet bomb’, which I will post the recipe on here soon.


So to give you a rough idea how I have been using the oils this is my daily routine…

  1. Wake up have a glass of water with 2 drops of “Lemon essential oil” or fresh lemon if it is available
  2. Fill my water bottle up with 3 drops of “Smart and Sassy Blend” – I love this blend which promotes healthy metabolism and calms your stomach and lifts your mood. The blend contains a mixture of grapefruit, lemon, peppermint, ginger and cinnamon. Plus if you don’t like drinking water this is a great way to flavour your water and to ditch the drinks
  3. I am usually up by 5.30am so I set my diffuser up at around 6am so the air is purified and ready for the morning rush. My favourite oils that I am diffusing at the moment are:
    * Lavender – All things calming – reduces the morning stress
    * Balance Blend –  LOVE THIS – promotes whole body relaxation plus it smells divine
    * Wild orange and Peppermint – I find this mix together is energising and invigorating plus the house smells great
    * Easy Air blend – perfect for those running noses or chesty coughs
    * Lemon & Lime- cleanses the air
    * Frankincense – This is the most precious oil, there is so much still to learn about the power of this oil but my kids have this cough that won’t go away so I have been diffusing it to  support healthy cellular function.
  4. If the kids are not feeling the best or getting a cold I have put together a roller bottle which includes 2 drops of “Easy Air” with 10ml of carrier oil like coconut oil, I apply this to both there feet, chest and down there back. Great natural alternative to vicks.
  5. Personal – Hair & Body routine – For the last 3 months I have been using doterra skin products and Salon Essentials for my hair. I love the shampoo and conditioner I have noticed that at the back of my head I have so much new re-growth and I find that the skin products are very well suited to my skin. My must have skin product of doterra is the hydrating serum love love love it.
  6. Cooking – Of course I am always using one of these oils in my cooking, I just can’t help myself, oregano, peppermint, lemon, lime, cinnamon bark, rosemary, cilantro (coriander), wild orange…. 
  7. Cleaning – Well this is a whole new topic – I have been using so many of the essential oils for my cleaning from Lemon essential oil to On guard blend. To give you an overview the only cleaning products that I buy from the supermarket are vinegar, bi carb, paper towels, eco washing powder and fabric softener (I haven’t had a chance to try to make my own yet) and washing up liquid. Since I have started this journey I have tried to reduce my families exposure to toxins in our daily lives. I know that everyday we are some how exposed to some kind of chemical or toxin however I know that I can try my best to control and rid the ones in our home environment. My latest invention is called the toilet bomb where I made my usual bath bomb recipe but I just changed the essential oils to on guard, tea tree and wild orange. It works like a gem!
  8. Homemade – I also make my own baby wipes, body scrubs, bath bombs…….

The list goes on but the more I explore the power of essential oils, the more I find natural ways of replacing the synthetics and living a more natural life.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about essential oils please feel free to contact me, I would love the chance to speak with you and share my journey on living a more natural life.

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