Overcoming “Mondayitis”

How do you deal with “Mondayitis”?

Mondays are usually one of the busiest days of the week in our household. This is the day that I tackle all of the housework, washing, the lists goes on… So whether you are heading to work, dropping the kids at school, heading for a morning session at the gym….. before you go anywhere make sure to start your day with a glass of water and a drop of lemon essential oil (or if you don’t have EO use fresh lemon slices).

photoWhy? It provides a healthy boost to your day plus it is a natural internal cleanser which is the perfect way to flush out those weekend toxins.

Here are some of the benefits that Lemon essential oil provides;
– Cleanses and purifies the air and surfaces
– Naturally cleanses the body and aids in digestion
– Supports healthy respiratory function
– Promotes a positive mood and cognitive ability

Out of habit now the first thing I do in the morning is boil the kettle and have a warm glass of lemon water (one glass of water + one drop of lemon essential oil)

Vee’s tip if my morning is going to be crazy busy, I usually prepare a glass of lemon water the night before and leave it on my beside table ready for me to drink first thing in the morning.

Fresh lemon juice vs Lemon Essential Oil

So what’s the difference… fresh lemon juice is from the pulp of the lemon where lemon essential oil is cold pressed from the lemon rinds. They both do the same thing it is just that lemon essential oil is more concentrated then the juice and therefore you will need to use a lot more lemons to get the same result.

Lemon Essential Oil has become a big part of my daily routine and I use it for everything from a general cleaner to using it on my kids when they start to get a running nose. I will make sure to keep sharing all the different ways I use LEO… as my daughter says “sharing is caring”.

Happy Mondayitis!

Vee x

P.s. For all my friends in the UAE, “Mondayitis” will be your “Sundayitis”!

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