Back to Reality!

I have recently returned to my home country from living in Dubai for the last 4 years. It was definitely an experience of a lifetime, where I was fortunate enough to have met some of the most amazing people and to experience a lifestyle that you could only imagine. However, when it was time to come home I never thought that leaving would be so hard. We were leaving a group of friends that became our family, our kids were settled in school and enjoying the activities that Dubai had to offer. But as most expat postings come to end, it was time to start the next chapter of our lives. I definitely agree that it is easier becoming an expat than it is to repatriate back into your home country..

The best part of being an expat is,  it gives you time to find yourself and to work out what you want out of life. So this time last year I decided to enrol in a “Lifestyle, Food and Wellness Coaching” course. I have a passion for food, especially eating fresh and nutritious food and I wanted to be able to share this passion with other people and educate them.  Once I started this course it was then that I decided that this was the path for me. So fingers crossed by January 2016 I will be a qualified “LIfestyle, Food and Wellness Coach”. Watch out for this space


Through my journey back to reality  and catching up with old friends, I was introduced to the world of Essential Oils. I was completely unaware of the amazing health benefits they provide and I thought it was definitely worth exploring, especially if I can find ways to eliminate toxins from our daily lives. So guess what I ordered.. my very own Home Essential Kits. I have only had my kit for 2 weeks and I have already used them in cooking, my morning lemon water and replacing many of my cleaning products. And not to mention using my diffuser both morning and night especially when the house in a utter chaos.. everything seems so much more relaxed.

So, this is where I start my journey for a healthier living.. Studying to be a Lifestyle Food & Wellness Coach, finding  ways to eliminate toxins from our daily lives and researching the benefits of Essentials Oils by finding ways to incorporate them into my life.

I look forward to sharing my experiences with you and I hope you enjoy my helpful tips.

Vanessa @ Wholesome Vee x


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